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The Tony Danza Bonanza
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I've been wondering whether or not to buy a real domain name and get rid of all the banners.  If I do, I'll actually be paying money to run the Tony Danza Bonanza.  I also won't be able to get a .com address as it is already owned BUT a .org is fine.

 If I do this I will be overhauling the old site and putting up lots and lots of new info.  Tony's show has been picked up for A SECOND SEASON and I think this would be a great way to show our appreciation for his work. 

What do YOU think?  Email me at

Tony Danza's career has spanned decades, with numerous starring roles on television, movie, and even song and dance entertainment.

The Tony Danza Bonanza will serve as THE place for up-to-date Tony Danza information.

But there's only one way to keep us going. Tell your friends! Go to a message board and post the Tony Danza Bonanza website.

So don't worry folks! We're back, and we'll be better than ever!!!

The Tony Danza Bonanza has had  227865people visit since it's debut on October 8, 2000

New Tony News!

Tony Danza has been tearing it up with his new talk show, which has been renewed for another season. 

Check out information on The Tony Danza Show

The official title is "The House I Live In." Truly amazing! To check it out and buy it, go to
The House I Live In!

Tony Danza Info
This site has pictures, all of Tony's screen credits, sites that can get you even more Tony Danza information, and a quotes page. Up-to-date information on his newest career choices will also grace this site. And any new devolopments on his possible return to the movies will be here too. Ay oh, you know it!

Tony Danza News

Tony Danza's Career

Favorite Danza Moment

Favorite Danza Quote

The Goal of this Site
While many people may not share the view that Tony Danza is one of the greatest actors alive, the loyal fans he has are some of the most dedicated ones around. This site is to show that loyalty on part of one of his fans. I wanted to do this site for a long time and now I'm glad I did. I hope you enjoy this Tony Danza site as much as I do!

I'll try to bring you all the latest news on Tony and even try to talk about each new episode of Family Law. If you have any suggestions, my e-mail address is all over the place! Enjoy!
Want Tony news? Just want to talk? e-mail me!

The House I Live In
Tony Danza not only is a brilliant actor but an extremely talented musician. From his early days as Sinatra-like crooner to his performances on national television, Tony has distinguished himself as a stand-up musician. His CD, "The House I Live In" is an beautiful example of this.
Buy "The House I Live In"